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Booking an Appointment

Please telephone the surgery on 01387 267626 to organise an appointment. 

We offer a mixture of Face to Face appointments and telephone consultations. Lots of issues can be dealt with efficiently over the telephone, tests, and referrals to secondary services organised, care plans discussed and medications prescribed. but if you feel that you will need a physical examination, please book a face-to-face appointment

Both types of appointments are a limited amount of time, please try to keep to one problem, one appointment if you have more than one need you can ask for a longer appointment.

Lots of conditions can be dealt with without the need to see a doctor.

The optician can deal with many eye problems, the community pharmacy can deal with many minor conditions, and both are free of charge and can be on the same day.

In Charlotte Medical Practice we have two Advanced Nurse Practitioners, who can deal with many of the things a GP can.  We have pharmacists, Chris Dunlop & Mandi McCabe, who can deal with many medication-related queries.  We have Mental Health Nurses, Mel Styles & Debbie Parker can help you with anxiety, stress, and low mood.  We also have a physiotherapist, Ruth Bell, who can help you with muscular pain, soft tissue injuries, etc.

To ensure that you get the help that you need from the right person;

  • Think about whether your problem may be dealt with as well or even better, by for example a community pharmacist, or optician
  • Help our administration team by providing information about the help you are looking for, they are trying to help you find the best care as quickly as possible. All information is treated with the strictest confidence.
  • However, if you have a problem that you think is urgent and serious, be clear with us, we will always see you the same day if it is a problem that really needs to be seen on the same day.

Home Visits

Non-urgent advice:

Home Visits requests, where possible must be phoned in before 10am. (except in the case of an emergency)

  • The Doctor will visit patients at home who are too ill or frail to come to the surgery
  • We are reluctant to visit patients who could be reasonably brought to the practice by a family member, taxi, or public transport
  • Please provide as much information concerning your medical condition to the receptionist
  • Your call will be returned by the Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Doctor who will arrange the help you need.
  • Please ensure you provide your contact telephone number